Saturday, 24 May 2014

W-Wing Tantive IV

Well my new model had arrived after a few months wait the X-wing Tantive IV for the X-Wing game.
I have been driving Fran up the wall at work as I was like a big kid couldn't wait for its arrival.
well here are some pictures.

I have treated myself to a new camera a Samsung NX1000 so trying to get to grip with it. I dont think the pictures turned out to bad.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Rebels and Sov-Judges

At long last my rebel Transporter for the X-wing Game arrived. I had it delivered to my place of work and that evil man Fran opened it before me he so mean but the wait was worth it.

Mean while I have been painting the Sov-Judges invasion force from Mongoose publishing as all my Dredd figures come from them. any how here are the finished figures.

next is to put together and paint some scenery. I never rush anything so dont know how long it will take me