Sunday, 6 July 2014

X -Wing updated

X-Wing up date

Well the  last  of wave 4 has arrived amazing how firms have your money for an age  then the arrival date is put back and back and back or is that just me?.

anyway here are the pictures of the last of wave 4

                        The Tie Defender                           

 The E-Wing

 The Head Hunter

 The Imperial Aces

 The Phantom

well now time to have a game I think

Thursday, 3 July 2014


My best friends had got me an Sci-fi outpost from Mantic games 28mm scale as a prezzie on my last birthday.
I have only just got round to painting it etc which is now completed I plan to use it on a Judge Dredd game which I am slowly building.


I am using Tamiya weathering paint which has worked well. on the next set of pictures are cargo that came with the outpost.