Monday, 30 June 2014


This weekend I was at the Angry lurkers home and we decided to play Zombicide as Fran had painted all the figures for the game. me and Fran hadn't played the Game before so his highness had the job of reading the rules mainly because I have a crap memory.

                                              I think he got cramp in his two fingers
 Next thing we did was to set up the game board we started with a 2 tile board game so that we could get used to the rules etc, Then we set up a four tile board for the main game

The Board set up and ready to go

The painted figures by Fran

The Angry Lurker making his move

The mission for me and Fran was to get to one room on one side of the board collect an object disc which then in turn would allow us to open the door to another room on the other side of the board which would allows us to open the bunker in the middle of the board to win
As the game progresses more zombies get added to the board and quickly you can get swarmed  over
just like any Zombie film.

4 Zombies moving towards Fran 

we the players have no control over the Zombies so as the game goes on more Zombies enter the game.

Zombies on the move

I took a wrong turned and got swamped by Zombies

Needless to say The Angry lurker won but I enjoyed the game big time cant wait to play again.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Stuff

Well I have been working a lot of overtime so I treated myself to a few things for my hobbies I bought myself a work station from Ikea.

                                                           Ikea work station                               

The next treat that I bought for myself was a Samsung NX1000 second hand but looks brand new. The reason I bought it was it so easy to use it has a smart button.
The only thing I didn't know was it cant take clear picture of close ups such as 28mm figures, so I have ordered some flat clip on lens for the job so just waiting for them to turn up.

                                                                 Samsung NX1000

My 3rd treat was a small photo booth which I got in a sale on Amazon was £49 but I got it it for around £29
It came with a fold up booth with 4 different coloured back ground sheets also two lights.

                                                              The Booth with lights