Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Dark Judges

I know its been a long while since my last blog but I havent done a lot but now I got round to painting The Dark Judges bought from Mongoose publishing. I have to say they make great figures, all my Dredd game figures come from them  here are some pictures of the Dark Judges I have to say Judge Fire was the hardest one to paint not sure if its that good


Now onto X-wing I have pre-order the next wave of X-Wing ships plus some tiles in all expensive as normal joys of a hobbie I hope you like the pictures posted here I am now about to work on the Sov-Judges from Mongoose.


  1. Great work, Vinnie - the Mongoose stuff is excellent!

  2. Couple months isn't bad, I went longer without thinking of anything myself, just glad to see you're still on there.

    1. Thanks only blogging when I have something to blog about