Monday, 25 November 2013

The Hunt

As you all know I am collecting model kits  of British Tanks 1.35 scale and in previous blog, you can see I have just finished the Churchill Tank Mk IV. The next Tank I want is a British CruiserTank A34 Comet 1.35 scale.

I went on Amazon ,Ebay on-line model shops etc no such luck. I then find out that there is no British company's left that make model tanks. If this is true or not I don't know, so the hunt was on for my tank.
I found out from the internet that a company called Bronco a Chinese company.that they did make a Comet kit but the don't make it any more. I am now screaming at this stage.

I scanned online shops that dealt with second hand model kits but no such luck. but I saw the light it was

    I saw the Bronco kit 3 days to go and no bids Fran put a notice in front of the pc at work so I wouldn't forget the sale finishes at 12:30pm I waited for the last minute even then I nearly messed it up and the Angry lurker stepped in fast and got my bid in and I won yippie I paid via PayPal straight away. It arrived the following day how quick was that fastest service I have ever had. Well here is some  pictures of the kit.



  1. good find, looking forward to seeing you make this one

  2. me too but got to paint some Dredd figures first