Saturday, 19 October 2013

Whats Going on in my Life

          Well nearly two months ago I decide to leave Sky and save my self  some money, I thought I would be better off changing to Talktalk. what a laugh.The day I went live it never happened, on the phone for hours to Talktalk. Then they tell me I need a engineer to visit the nearest day they could give me was two months away needless to say I cancelled my service. Mean while I got in touch with British Telecom they booked a day for the Engineer to visit which now had to be after my 3 week holiday.

A Friend of mine waited in for the engineer as I would be at work, The Engineer was here for five and a half hours and at long last got my fiber optic internet going only problem I still got until Monday I cant get incoming call. I will never change my provider ever again switching is a bloody nightmare.

           I booked a Three week Holiday with my family in Somerset but the first week we all spent a week in
the Cotswold. (I bloody needed it) Their is a fab Motoring Museum and Toy collection. Here is some History and pictures from the museum.

The Museum
                  The Building was an old Mill back in the day here is a picture from 1890 and 2006


A motoring enthusiast Mike Cavanagh spent 20 years building up the collection while living in South Africa
he came back to England in 1978 and opened the Museum in Bourton on the Water. He collected for another Twenty years before retiring in 1999.
The Museum was acquired by the Civil  Service Motoring Association and by 2006 three more galleries.

                                                          Rover Van 1922

The 1922 Rover van was a simple vehicle and had an air cooled engine they only fitted one door on the 
passenger side

                                            The Austin seven and The Swallow

William Morris produced the first £100 car in this country and Herbert Austin also knew he had to produce a low cost family car so in 1922 he launched the Austin Seven which had worldwide success which ensured the company's future it played a part in the birth of two famous car firms Jaguar and BMW.

                                                    Austin seven being made in the 1920s

                                                   1938 BMW 327

                                               Jaguar XK  series 1948

The Museum wasn't just about cars it had lots of stuff from all the decades as pictured below

                                                   70s car tuning


                                                  My Mum & Dadhad a telly like this

                                               a early travel iron

this is just a small part of this museum it had toys as well it even had some early Caravans picture below showing the insides and out side of the caravans from the 1920s 

Now for some Motorcycles

So if you are ever in the Cotswold its worth a visit to the museum the cotswold its self is such a relaxing place very laid back




  1. Bourton on the water is a fab place keep meaning to taking the family there for the day as only visited whilst working down there. Nice pics. Glad you got your net sort eventually a 2 mth appointment what a farce!

  2. yes Bourton is a great place two months my jaw dropped

  3. Sounds a real bind and so many of us rely on it so much.

    Glad the holiday worked out well for you


  4. Thanks Ian Holiday was so needed I was so lost without the net

  5. Great pics ! Nice to see you blogging again Vince! I hope Fran's behaving himself at work??

  6. Those are some nice cars and bikes. Internet providers are a PITA throughout the world.