Thursday, 25 July 2013


X-Wing Weekend

Well this weekend I invited the Angry Lurker to my flat for a game of X-wing and a Take-away.
I had bought a space-mat from Wayland Games

                                                  The Angry Lurker deep reading of the Rules


I am new to rules etc so Fran stepped in and had a good read of them.and then Fran explain the rules to me
at this point I should explain that the heat was unbearable in my flat concrete retains heat so plenty of coca cola for the Lurker.
                                                                   The Space Matt

Set up and ready to go

To start with the Lurker started with two Tie fighters and I had a Y-wing and a X-wing, this was our first game with normal rules and needless to say the Angry Lurker won.
after the event we decided to order in a Take away online from the Royal Tandoori. we didnt have to wait to
long. God we was starving and it went down a treat.we decided after we had our food we would play a bigger game of X-wing using more ships on both sides

we used Slave1 and the Millennium Falcon advance Tie fighter (Lord Vader) here are some pics of the battle in action and yes The Mighty Lurker won again but we both really enjoyed the game which is what its all about

                                                      The Battle in Action


  1. Tis a great little game, I am looking forward to a few games while on Holiday. Take away sounded good too
    Peace James

  2. The mat looks great and win or lose it is a really fun game. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is supposed to be a great game, thinking of getting a pack so I can join in the BIG game at Blog-Con


    1. you will enjoy it I havent read abad thing about it

  4. Fancy letting him win Vince!!!!

  5. Takeaway was good but the heat in his seventh floor flat was shocking!

  6. Looks like a great game....I can feel my resolve melting away. I know I'll end up buying this eventually!

    Don't take the lurkers double victory too hard. He was probably cheating anyway (he does it all the time at Reject HQ)....

  7. Hello mate - Nice write up. Xwing's a great game and I'm starting to enjoy the tactical depth available with squad building and assigning ship upgrades etc. Something for beginners and gnarly old hobby vets alike! Cheers!

  8. Every time I see this game, it looks better and better ;)

  9. The play mat looks excellent. I'd love to find one like that. Any idea what brand it is?

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