Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cant Make My MInd Up

Cant Make My Mind Up

Well I just done a 12 mile cycle ride (I am trying to lose weight) to much weight for my bad knees to handle.
anyway back indoors had a cool bath feel fab.

What I cant make my mind up about is, do I paint my cit-def figures from Mongoose for my Judge Dredd game?.


Or do I make my Churchill Mk.VII 1.35 scale ?

I was going to make my mind up tonight but had problems with my laptop that I needed to sort out which I have now done. so will make my mind up tomorrow.



  1. nice 1/35th model, that is how I started down the wargames road. Good luck on the weight loss BTW
    Peace James

  2. If you really can't decide, why not do something very wargamery and roll a die - odds = the Dredd stuff, evens is the Churchill

    1. I will do your idea and roll the dice

    2. Vinnie - if you enjoy slightly dark fiction, I'd strongly recommend "The Dice Man" by Luke Reinhold - the (anti?)hero lets dice make all his life decisions