Tuesday, 22 January 2013

British Universal Carrier Part 6

Part 6

The 303in Vickers machine gun required a least 3 men to carry it, as it need its tripod water canister ammo boxes. From 1937 onward s the carrier was adapted to carry the Bren Gun instead.By the end of the year
all contracts were for the Carrier Bren many of the original vehicles were reworked for the Bren.

The first contract to name the Bren Carrier was placed with the Sentinel Waggon Company in 1937

The Bren Gun

The Bren Gun

The use of the Bren Gun Carrier was set out in a war office pamphlet 1940,Ten carriers were supplied to
each battalion and joined in with the the Carrier Platoon each Carrier carried three men a driver and two others that formed the Bren Gun detachment. the emphasis seem to be on dismantal use of the Bren Gun on no account was the driver allowed to leave the Carrier.
On early carriers there was a bracket to attach the Bren to the carrier so firing could be done from the carrier on later models the Bren was not attached but rested on rubber blocks.Taking advantage of their Mobility the Carriers were normally on the flanks of the Battalions and kept in close contact with each other
by red and blue flags as was laid down in the Pamphle.t