Sunday, 6 January 2013

British Universal Carrier part 5

Part 5

  This carrier was called D50 at the M.E.E  It was tested as a light artillery tractor and a carrier for the  Vickers machine-gun it evolved into the Dragon Light Mark III and in the Latter an experimental machine-gun carrier

                                                  Dragon Mark III Tractor

                                                       Dragon Mark III

The original D50 vehicle was never bought by the military, with in a year Vickers supplied a second experimental  vehicle to a war office contract. to be known as a Armoured Machine Gun Carrier.
It was identical to D50 in its engine transmission and suspension and it made more sense for the British vehicle to be a right hand drive. it had folding back rests  and in the upright position offered seating for four men two per side.left of the driver was 6th crew member who operated the Vickers machine gun but space was provided for six rifles for the entire crew. This was designed with the recommendations published in 1935 called Notes on Infantry Experiments. the wanted a carrier to be small and to carry a Vickers machine gun that could be fired on and off the vehicle plus it had to have 6mm armour.

                                              A only known picture of a experimental Bren Carrier