Tuesday, 1 January 2013

British Universal Carrier Part 4

Part 4

The Suspension was very similar to what was used on a light Dragons called the Horstman slow-motion system that Vickers called their Double spring-type but for the Carrier one and a half Bogies per side.
the design made a outstanding steering system.

                                                               LIGHT-  DRAGON 

A problem that plagued the Dragons & Cardens was a phenomenon called reverse steering its when a vehicle is travelling down hill but actually turning the opposite way from the intended sometimes with bad results it was a common failing with clutch and brake steering. Experienced drivers used to their advantage.

The new system was probably the brain of Sir John Carden Vickers chief AFV designer and his deputy
Leslie Little,was a relatively foolproof. it was to arrange the foremost suspension units on each side shared a common axle.a strong tubular shaft that ran across the floor of the vehicle and capable of sliding sideways to a limited extent. Activated by steering wheel, it had the effect of displacing both Bogies sideways bending the  tracks making the vehicle steer without braking or skidding large turns  could bring skidding into play all this could be done without the clutch being involved so no reverse steering. this suspension gave a good ride across country, the short pitch manganese-iron track were hard wearing and free-running at speed.

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