Monday, 9 December 2013

What Next!!!

Well I was given a very nice Early Christmas prezzie from my best mate, a Tamiya 1.35 scale Cromwell Mk IV.

I cant wait to build this one but now getting a list of things to do. I have my Churchill tank my city defence figures from Judge Dredd game also got a nice Predator Model to paint based on predator 2 the movie.
my city defence figures are primed  

I havent forgotten that I must put the history of the Churchill tank on here so much to do but first a nice cuppa

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Hunt

As you all know I am collecting model kits  of British Tanks 1.35 scale and in previous blog, you can see I have just finished the Churchill Tank Mk IV. The next Tank I want is a British CruiserTank A34 Comet 1.35 scale.

I went on Amazon ,Ebay on-line model shops etc no such luck. I then find out that there is no British company's left that make model tanks. If this is true or not I don't know, so the hunt was on for my tank.
I found out from the internet that a company called Bronco a Chinese company.that they did make a Comet kit but the don't make it any more. I am now screaming at this stage.

I scanned online shops that dealt with second hand model kits but no such luck. but I saw the light it was

    I saw the Bronco kit 3 days to go and no bids Fran put a notice in front of the pc at work so I wouldn't forget the sale finishes at 12:30pm I waited for the last minute even then I nearly messed it up and the Angry lurker stepped in fast and got my bid in and I won yippie I paid via PayPal straight away. It arrived the following day how quick was that fastest service I have ever had. Well here is some  pictures of the kit.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

About time I blogged some more

I know its been a while I just havent been in the mood for blogging.
In the last few months the latest phase of ships for the X-Wing game in my eyes it was worth the wait.
The Lambor-Class Shuttle which is a wow on its own as you can see in the picture below.

The next ship is the Tie Bomber which a interesting twist on a Tie Fighter

The next ship is the B-Wing 

The Last ship was the HWK-290 which is another fav of mine great looking kit 

As you should know I am collecting and making British tanks 1.35 scale, my latests Kit is a Tamiya Churchill MK.VII  I do tend to like Tamiya Kits best of all. I will do the history on the Churchill Tank. here are some pictures of the different stages of me making the kit and the finish product.

And here is something I cant live with out and drink by the bucket load