Monday, 29 October 2012

Universal Carrier Part 2

Part 2

 this very small Machine Gun Carrier became a major part of the British army and a great export
even though it was cramped tiny and unreliable but it was cheap.

                                      Prototype Carrier   notice the vickers machine gun

its like a early Carden-Loyds left hand drive back rests are folder down War office number VAD50
was given to it and then it was delivered to the Mechanisation Experimental Establishment (MEE) 1935
which has been mention in my earlier Blogs which was at Farnborough.
it was limited to two man at the front and two benches running lengthways a very simple design which also included the engine was central which was a standard Ford V8 and a four speed gearbox and a reverse Gearbox.

                                                        1941 Machine Carrier

I love the clip above its speed is 30mph 


  1. It would be great fun to drive one of those around, but we'd probably be confounded by the mechanics of it.

  2. but the fun factor be amazing though

  3. Driving around in a tank or also the M113 APC feels a lot like being in a sort of boat with the ups and downs on little rises in the terrain, and is great fun, although many get cracked ribs for about six weeks afterwards, from slamming into the front of the hatch, they still don't regret it, so that is fun.

  4. painful cracked ribs but yep def looks fun