Monday, 3 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert

Part 1

In the first two years of world war 2 Matilda was near enough invincible. The Germans and the Italians named her Queen of the Desert. it was the main  British infantry tank in the early years of WW2

                                                       Matilda Queen of the Desert  MK 2

Matilda MK1

it eventually got outclassed but the Germans powerful anti Tank weapons it remained a power in South-East Pacific and was kept in service by the Australian forces until the end of the world war.2

1929 the Chief of the Imperial General Staff  ordered a broad review of organisations in the British Army
due to the progress of Mechanization he started with the infantry and two brigades the each were designated for experimental purposes each supported by a light tank battalion which were tiny Carden-Loyd MK VI
the were entirely unsuited for this purposes during exercises it became apparent that the infantry expected the Tanks to break through enemy lines which meant a slow moving tank was needed and also able to absorb heavy attacks

                                                          Carden-Loyd MK VI

In 1939 thoughts were turning towards a tank designed for this an Infantry tank

                                                                Matilda MK 1




  1. Nice post Vince! Did you see Hidden Heritage on TV a few days ago. They had Dame Kelly Holmes driving a Matilda around Bovington. Here's a link if you didn't....

    1. wow fab clip must go to Bovington again I think mmm

  2. Nice work Vinnie, looking forward to seeing a model?