Saturday, 29 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert Part 6

Part 6

                                            Matilda Tank Suspension 

this was on the first production tanks later the carrying wheels was replaced by skid rails which were easier to produce.

                                                            Matilda Proto-Type 

The picture above is a early proto-type  as you can see the Tank is very bare,behind the turrett at the rear of the tank the is measureing equipment also the mud chutes have been attached and you can see they worked well going by the stains on the side.

the must important note of the later designs was the armour protection which was impressive for the time.
The Hull front was a massive 78mm the thinnest plates was 20mm which made the tank able to withstand any form of anti-tank or most othe forms of artillery

                                                             Matilda the Queen

I just think there is something special  about this tank.

My next model I am making is an British universal carrier MkII picture below.

The reason I have done Matilda and now the Universal carrier is that it was the first armour vehicles that the British used in WW2



  1. Nice one Vince! Looking forward to seeing the UC fixed together.

  2. Good stuff Vinnie, I'm thinking of getting some 1/72 Brits and Universal Carriers from Plastic Soldier Company to go up against my Jerries...look forward to seeing your finished model, mate;)

  3. thanks I look forward to seeing your 1/72 Universal Carriers hopefully not to long await for me to complete my model


  4. Those Matilda tanks were a hard nut to crack. That 78mm is triple thick compared with everyone else out there at this stage of the game, early days. I liked the vid, it gives a better idea of the size compared with the people standing around.

  5. very underrated tank and seems to be forgotten as to what she did in the desert I hope to go to tankfest next year at Bovington and see her moving

  6. Great video about the Matilda. Seems that it is a great show in Bovington. Too bad it's so far away.

  7. They have a tankfest every year which is well worth a visit