Thursday, 13 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert Part 4

Part 4

     This part I will deal with my model I manage to get hold of a Tamiya 1.35 scale Matilda. I got a good deal on Ebay  £12 so was well happy with that deal. I am a big fan of Tamiya kits my Tiger 1 was a Tamiya kit as well

A few pics of the modeling process

After I had put the kit together I transported it down to the Angry Lurkers man Cave ready to have a go at
painting it.
I primed it with a base coat then painted it with Desert yellow which I allowed to dry.
I had been reading in a model magazine about Tamiya weathering packs which have 3 different weathering paints in each pack Mud sand soot etc got them cheap on amazon and Ebay.

Fran dry brushed the model and then applied some weathering paints, to me it looks fab once I got the Tank back home I added the decals looks even better now.

  Here are a few pictures of the Tank completed                         



  1. thanks Ray I am real pleased with it

  2. Replies
    1. it was indeed thats why I am sticking to Tamiya

  3. That is very well done. Did you do any weathering on the decals? They look great and that is one thing I often have trouble with,

  4. thanks yes I did manage to get weathering on my decals it took the shine off them

  5. Excellent results - very impressive!