Friday, 7 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the desert Part 2

Part 2

The inspector Royal Tank Corps Major General P,C.S Hobart detailed the two plans.
1) a inconspicuous Tank moderately well armoured and equipped with a machine gun. in mass numbers to swamp the enemy.
2) a larger type Tank mounting a cannon and armour to with stand  field artillery fire

the final decision rested with master-General of the Ordnance General Sir Hugh Elles the Tank corps Commanded in France during WW1. he favoured the Infantry tanks but he was limited by peace time funds and had to opt for the smaller tank.

                                                                    Matilda Mk 1

in October 1935 Sir John Carden head  of Tank design for Vickers- Armstrong LTD attended a meeting with the War office with Colonel M.A Studd. Sir John left with a draft proposal for a two man tank arm with a machine gun

                                                                   Sir John Carden

One of Sir John Carden designs