Sunday, 22 July 2012

Predator Figures plus Matilda tank

Here are some pictures of some 28mm Predators bought as a prezzie for my Birthday last feb2012
 by the Angry Lurker and Sweetness  and was all painted by the Angry lurker I don't know where they came from as they are a prezzie to me.

I had bought my self two limited edition 28mm Predators figure from Heresay and again both painted by The Angry Lurker.

The reason I haven't done a post for a while was I was putting together a Model Matilda MK tank WW2.
which is one of Britain's first tanks used in WW2 here are the pictures of the model in various stages of being put together I intend to paint this one myself

This Tank model is 1.35 scale After I have finished the History of the Tiger 1 heavy tank post, I will do a post about the Matilda Tank WW2. it is still my aim to make a model of all the British tank from WW1 to present day all in 1.35 scale I hope you enjoy the pics so far. 


Monday, 9 July 2012


            As mention in the Angry lurkers blog I have a fetish for the Predator films etc. I have all the films
as the predator is my Favorited  alien out all the films from Star Trek Star wars etc but I will always come back to the predator. I aim to get models of the predator weapons which I have seen on Ebay.
The Predator Pictured below was a kit I tracked down at a shop called Kit Krazy at Bexleyheath.The Kit is secondhand and over twenty years old, there wasn't any instructions,  but I manage to put it together and the Angry Lurker was kind enough to paint it for me.

                                                          The Predator 

   I love all the predators films my Fav is AVP only because I saw more of the Predator in the film.
though when I went to see Predators They said it was going to be on his home world and it wasn't
so was disappointed   we didn't see it, so I am hoping they make a movie about his home world.                                       l