Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tiger 1 Heavy Tank Part 4

Part 4

 Hitler ordered the Tank  to have the 8.8 Flak 41 in the Turrett already designed for the VK 45.01 but Porsche sent a telegram  in 1941 that only the  that only the 8.8 cm KwK L/56  could be fitted. a decision
was made to complete the first 100 VK 45.01 with the Krupp design Turret with the  8.8 KwK L/56 instead of the Flak 41 which is the more effective gun as order by Hitler.

Krupp received a contract to to fabricate the armoured componets for 100 Hulls and Turrets for the VK 45.01. and to assemble the turrets for operational condition and ship them for mounting at Fahrgestelle
assembled at Nibelungenwerk..


                                         Early Trails of the VK 45.01 Chassis under Test

                                                              More Trails

                                               Tiger 1 demo for German officers

The first 8 Turrets had lower sides and a flat roof the rest of the 92 turrets had the higher sides
and slanted roof typical of the tiger 1