Monday, 7 May 2012

Tiger 1 Heavy Tank Part 2

Part 2

The Heeres Waffenamt (Invention & Testing office set up in 1919) were not giving to Hitlers demands for development of heavy Panzers, so Dr Porsche was commission to develop independently a 45 ton Panzerkampfwagen.

                                                     Dr Porsche I believe died in 1951                       

On the 12 November 1940 to help Nibelungenwerk was awarded an order by the Wa Pruf 6
( Design officer for Panzers in the Heeres Waffenamt) to put together the Trail production series
of the PanzerKampwagen. Porshe had started development without stating which gun to use as its main armament. Krupp had the Monopoly on Tank guns  to stop another firm from getting in on the action,
Dr Muller from Krupp ask for a teaming agreement with Porsche. He offered 8.8 cm KwK L/56 
this gun was based on the same tube and ammo as a 8.8 cm Flak 18 L/56

                                                             8.8 cm KwK l/56 Gun

In 1941 the 8.8 cm KwK L/56 was selected  at the same time a priced order to Nibelungenwerk for six turrets 80mm frontal and 60mm side armour complete with the gun at a cost of 110.000 Reichsmarks
and three armoured hulls in Porsche design at a cost of 75.000 Reichsmarks and a full-scale wooden model
of the Turret for 5,000 Reichsmarks.