Monday, 2 April 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 8

Part 8
         The German Tank programmes had problems all the way through 1917. Concerns over the A7Vs
limitations led to more effects being put into Chefkraft K-Wagen Heavy Tank a design was drawn up it was to weigh about 136 tonnes  and propelled by two 600hp engines arm with four 77mm guns and a crew of 23 men
production was approve for ten of these monsters the production was split between two plants as the Chefkraft
staff was not able to do the design on its on so Vollmer was brought in to help with the design and trimmed the weight back to 100 Tonnes

                                                This may have been a prototype K-Wagen

The A7V programme still had problems the Daimler plants had a shortage of skilled craftsmen and also had material shortages  but slowly the got overcome and the first serial A7V production chassis without armor was ready by September 1917 and sent to the tracked driving school the first part in forming the first tank units.
the first A7V-Gelandwagen was a easy project and the first eight was ready in September 1917.

                                                   A7V Gelandwagen 1917

The first A7V tank number 501 was completed in October 1917 with basic machines configuration

                                                               A7V tank  WW1



  1. The A7V doesn't look that safe!!!

    1. it was a mobile fortress I don't think any WW1 tank was safe do you?

  2. I can't actualy imagine the K-Wagon being able to move! 100 Tonnes??

    I do like the look of the A7V though

  3. I've been greatly enjoying this series of posts. Great stuff :)

  4. The A7V was a really cool tank. The Chefkraft K-Wagen Heavy Tank at 136 tonnes would have been such a monster, if it even moved!

    1. could you imagine the K-wagen coming towards you in battle
      how scared would you be it would have been something