Tuesday, 24 April 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 12

Part 12

The Germans had started a massive offensive called operation Michael which they wanted to use the tanks,
but they only had two units ready, Abteilung 1 which had A7V tanks and Abteilung 2 which had five capture
Mark IV females.

March 21st 1918 after a heavy barrage the tank attack begun Abteilung 1 had 4 tanks due to poor visibility
two A7Vs became trapped the commanded halted the attack. after heavy artillery fire (Gas) from the British.
the three remaining A7Vs helped the German infantry but one broke down but the two left made a sudden showing to the British shocked the British

                                                            Operation Michael 1918

Artist Picture operation Michael

April 24th  1918 on the outskirts of the town of Villers-Bretonneux A7V  Gruppe Skopnik came out of the fog fighting its way through the town against the British defenders. Gruppe Uihlein  was successful. in its advance.
the Tanks came out of the fog but one A7V was hit by british guns but one A7V Called Nixe headed towards the village but because of the din inside an A7V the crew didnt know they was under attack from three British Tanks a Mark IV male and two females the British male was commanded by 2nd Lt Mitchell,
as soon as the Nixe saw the Mark IV they engaged with its 57mm gun the Mark IV stopped the Nixe  
thought the British tank was knocked out but it had stopped so the gunner could get better aim the two females was knocked out by the A7V  but the male mark IV fired as the Nixe retreated hitting the bow near the gun killing the gunner and injuring 5 crew this battle was a stalemate but will go down in history as the first ever tank battle.

Today there is only one A7V left 506 Mephisto  which was recovered by the Australians and is on display in Brisbane.

                                     The Last and only A7V left 506 Mephisto




  1. Glad to see there is 1 A7V left although shame it's so bloomin far away!

  2. Great post Vinnie. So glad I wasn't driving around in tanks back then. I have a number of photos of Mephisto from a visit to Brisbane a few years ago.

    1. me too you lucky sod to see mephisto bet it looked amazing

  3. That is a great post about an operation I had never heard of!

    1. Thanks I have emailed you a link to info about operation Michael

  4. Operation Michael? I've not heard of that either. Its quite odd that the only A7V now lives in Australia?? Nice one Vince!!

  5. Thanks Ray if you Google it there is load of info about Operation michael