Sunday, 22 April 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 11

The first working British Tank capture by the Germans was a mark IV female which was collected by a special German recovery team in no mans land . This is when the Germans over run the British salient at Cambrai.
A special recovery team was made up from  the Army Motor Vehicle park 2 (AKP2) they were called the
Tankberggungsstelle (Tank Recovery Command Cambrai) there sole aim is to get as many British tanks as possible over 50 Tanks was recovered from Cambrai  battlefield but many were damaged.

                                    A capture British tank put into German service

Ten Tanks was restored and formed two tank units. Abteilungen 11 and 12 each unit had two male tanks
and 3 Females. the German maxim-Nordfeldt 57mm QF gun could easy be adapted to fit British  tanks
but not the German MG08 so the lewis Machine guns were retained.

                                                               A German MG08 machine gun 

                                                A WW1 German MG08 machine gun

A British Lewis machine gun

                                                  Lewis machine gun clip


  1. The captured British tank with German markings is a great picture, Postie has these in 15mm metal!

  2. thanks could you get a picture of the 15mm metal tanks for me ?

  3. Very cool vid clips Vinnie.

  4. thanks I Love the sound the old machines guns made

  5. Great vid clips Vinnie. The MG08 looks a real pain to load the ammo belt. And the Lewis has a pretty violent cartridge eject!!

    But you can see why machine guns were such feared weapons

  6. I agree but can you imagine a A7V or a British WW! tank firing machine guns must have been fearful to see that coming at you