Tuesday, 17 April 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 10

Part 10

        The First German Panzer unit   into the field was Abteilung 1 which left the Daimler plant for training at Sedan January 5 1918 after basic training a Demonstration was held for Crown prince Wilhelm.
there were problems uncovered  during the training which slowed down the production of the A7V.
the Sedan training went well for the Tank crews but when the demonstration for General Ludendorff
took place on February 25 1918 it did not go well a report submitted to the OHL said the A7V was not suited to currant Battlefield conditions. from the conception of the A7V in 1916 the Trenches had increased in width
from 1.6m to 4m so the A7V which was better then the French Schneider and St Chamond but very
 inferior to the British tanks

                                                         French St Chamond

                                       French  St Chamond tank clip

                                                         The French Schneider tank

Maj Rohr commander of Sturmbataillon said that the A7Vs could only be used in battle if there wasn't to much artillery craters so the Chefkraft recommended that only 20 A7Vs be completed which sort of 
ended German tank production.

The OHL had ordered on the February 27   that a new high-priority tank programme based on the British tank .


  1. Only 20 ordered? A lot of effort spent for nothing, but then again maybe just as well or things could have turned out so very differently!

  2. because they were so big they took so long to make so many departments fighting against each other it was amazing anything got built

  3. Great post again Vince! Excellent clips too!

  4. Yes, great post Vinnie. Have to thank you for these posts, I am really enjoying them.