Monday, 26 March 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 6

Part 6

                                                           77mm FK 96 field gun

Loads of Guns was consider for the A7V including a 77mm FK 96 field gun but it was to
 powerful for the chassis.All different types of 55mm guns were tried but Vollmer settle on a 57mm Maxim-Nordfelt quick firing
Fortress gun. It fired a solid or explosive shells and could be fitted to a A7V. it was a British made gun but many were captured from the Belgian fortifications and from the Russians.

                                                     57mm Maxim-Nordfelt from a A7V
British Tanks had been first encountered by the Germans in September 1916, the Germans didn't get there hands one until April 1917. A British mark II was knock out near Quent and was photographed and studied. Reports from the field said the British Tanks had great mobility. 

                                                      British Mark II Tank (male)




  1. Nice work Vince, are these your pics??

  2. A bit ironic that the Germans fitted British made guns to the A7V!

  3. Interesting post Vinnie. Nice photos too.

  4. Great stuff, the more I see of WW1, the more I want to start it as a new period...trouble is, I keep going round in circles :) great blog BTW, Vinnie,



  5. Thanks Love WW1 Tanks well I just love Tanks but as you know the birth of Tanks was WW1