Monday, 19 March 2012

WW1 German Panzers Part 4

Vollmer worked in conjunction with Eugene Linck from Daimler to adapt the Caterpillar-Holt suspension for the A7V but the result was a poorer Trench crossing ability  But it was powered by two engines giving it more power speed then British Tanks 9MPH. Vollmer gave the blue prints of the A7V in December 1916 and said the first A7V will be ready May 1917 if support from industry was given.a 100 A7V was ordered by the VPK
before the prototype had been tested.but the A2 Infantry department of the Prussian war office had other ideas and come up with a Panzerkraftwagen (Armored Vehicle) to move troops across country 20 had already been on order but not necessarily with guns but armored plate.

                       first version of the A7V to go into production Gelandwagen to move supply's to the front

a mock-up of the armored  Mariewagen with a wooden body  was demonstrated  in front of Hindenburg and Ludendorff even without the full armor the demo was dismal  they frown  upon future German tanks. Development during 1917 floundered as to many conflicting departments from the Prussian war office.    



  1. Very interseting info Vinnie.

    1. Thanks I just love the crudeness of the Early tanks

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    1. Thanks Fran Hope you like the new pictures I posted of the Model A7V which includes the figures you painted

  3. Keep going Vinnie, the series on WWI AFVS has been very interesting so far.