Thursday, 15 March 2012

WW1 German Panzers part 3

Part 3
 Gen Friedrich of the VPK (Motor Transport Inspection service) VPK stands for
Verkehrstechnische Prufungs-Kommision. Gen Friedrich sponsored an industrial conference on
October 30 1916 with reps from from all the main German automotive and industrial firms to get interest in designing a such weapon but none showed any interest as Germany was starting the Hindenburg programme which increased military production for the Hindenburg.
                                          Hindenburg coming out of its hanger

Gen didn't  get much interest from the Industry's but he did managered to set a committee up.
Under the name of Abteilung A7V named after the Abteilung 7 Verkehrswesen (7th Transport Department)  of the Prussian war office.The committee was led by Joseph Vollmer of the VPK
a experience automotive designer the firm that showed the most interest was Daimler.
In November 1916 the Prussian war office ordered the construction of a Panzerkampfwagen
under the code name A7V. to make the task worst it had to include (Cross-Country vehicle) 
built on the same chassis this was one of many mishaps to compound the A7V tank, Vollmer was push towards conventional tractor suspension this will be the A7V undoing.
To get the tank programme moving they bought a Caterpillar-Holt tractor.

                                        Caterpillar-Holt tractor 1917


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