Thursday, 1 March 2012

WW1 British Tanks Part 4

Part 4
       On the 05/04/18 my Grandad was sent to France for a second time

                                                 Mark 2 Female with Hotchkiss

                                                       Mark 2 Female rear

Mark 2 female

These are 1/35 scale Resin models from Lou Stener and yes I painted this one.

16/04/18 my Grandad was taken prisoner at Krieysgefangerning at Meteren,under German escort to  Armentieres La Basse lomme Fort MacDonald at Lille Roubaix Countrai Hartrick, Ghent,Berehem,Eyne,Back to Ghent,Dendermonde, Malines Hasselt Frontier Frontier of Holland, Back to Hasselt Genck Brussels,
(Belgium A Corps to Calias, English A Corps to Dover. Canterbury 2 months P.O.W
and on the 17/03/19 my Grandad was Demobbed at Crystal Palace. this was written on a peace of paper
by my Grandad just as it written here.

                                                     Mark 2 Male  with 6 pdr Sponson 

Mark 2 Front View

Mark 2 Rear view

Another 1/35 scale model from Lou Stener and this one is painted by The Angry Lurker to show me how to paint my Female Tank.

Some more information from my Grandads peace of paper

03/09/16  Guillemonts S.G & T.G if anyone can tell me what this means IL be most Grateful.
10/9/16   Ginchy  Lost 2 machine guns.
14/09/16  Delville Woods Buried 3
10/04/17  Meteren Buried 1.  

06/03/17 passed brigade Course  Hotchkiss & Lewis Machine guns 1st 
11/03/17     -         -            -           6 PDR.2.7  Gun         1st
25/03/17     -         -            -               -                -     Whale island  1st                 



  1. This has proved to be a very interesting set of posts. I am interested to see where you are going and what you will be doing with those rather nice models.

  2. How can you view a tank as a lady. Till I saw this post I would have never known what to answer

  3. I recommend reading "Band of Brigands" to have the complete picture of the RTC development. There are a few free ebooks as well in Internet with memoirs of tank men that may be interesting to put you grandfather's story in context. Looking forward to see more of this in the blog

    1. I am 3/4 of the way through that book I got it in hardback as soon as it came out

  4. Well the females have a gun of sorts and can steadily spray rounds whereas the male has one big shot till reloading, that's one way of looking at it.

    That service record on the piece of paper is a fascinating artifact that raises lots of questions to flesh out the bare details. Was he then a prisoner for the duration? And captured only 11 days back at the front, what rotten luck that was.

    1. He was p.o.w for two months near the end of the war his tank was hit going from the picture of mu grandad at 21 you can see just see a white stripe which means he was wounded

  5. Very very interesting read Vinnie. Great post!

    1. Thanks very much will post a bit more to complete the story