Tuesday, 6 March 2012

WW1 British Tanks Part 7

Part 7
Another design by William Tritton was the Whippet it had a crew of 5 men and a speed of 8 mph


                                                      28mm Resin Model

This Model was painted by my self but dried brushed by The Angry Lurker also all the figures was painted by the Angry Lurker.

I have been asked a few times what happened to my Grandad your be glad to know he made it through WW1 and WW2.
My Grandad was born in 1899 and passed away in 1980. He was a .very quiet man and worked as a park keeper in north London and to think there was many like my Grandad and we never knew what they did in the Great wars. 
Below is a picture of the original paper that my Grandad wrote his WW1 deeds on.

                                            The Original   Page 1

The Original Page 2

A Typed version 

  I do have his medals which are pictured below

When World War two broke out my Grandad was to old to fight but I do know he was a machine Gun instructor at the Woolwich Arsenal, I also found a application letter for a Defence medal dated June 1946
so I think he was in the Home guard 

                                                 The Application letter

I hope I have done justice to my Grandads  history. I have enjoyed writing my first blog, it gave me a chance to read my Grandads  story once more and bring it to life.  




  1. You've absolutely done your Grandad justice. Great story and glad he lived to a good old age!

  2. Thank you very much I was very glad he lived to an old age too

  3. Thanks for telling his story, Vinnie. Glad he had a good long life.
    Both my granddads were Great War veterans but they had died before I was born, which I've always regretted.

  4. I was very lucky I knew one of my Grandads from my Dads side. but we know nothing about him I mean nothing so I am now starting a family tree so I can find out more about him. Do you have the War records of both your Grandads?

  5. Another great post Vinnie. This is an awesome history you have. Very nice work on the tank and figures by you and Fran too.

    1. Thanks I am good at putting kit models together but Fran is the expert at painting though I do try sometimes

  6. Thanks Fran I have mention that you painted etc

  7. Excellent post Vince, some great info thanks for sharing it.