Sunday, 30 December 2012

British Universal Carrier Part 3

Part 3

Sorry I haven't been Blogging but the mood for models and blogging etc had left me but it has now returned.

an update on my model of the universal carrier it has now been completed The Angry Lurker painted the figures but I painted the Carrier Myself. its the first time I have painted a model away from the Angry Lurker.
I am well pleased with myself. here are the pictures below of my work.

After a few more blogs on the Carrier I will be resting from models and going to work on my Judge Dredd
figures which I have had for a few weeks big fan of Dredd 2nd only to the Predator.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Well I am off to Somerset for a weeks break so no Blogging until il get back

Monday, 29 October 2012

Universal Carrier Part 2

Part 2

 this very small Machine Gun Carrier became a major part of the British army and a great export
even though it was cramped tiny and unreliable but it was cheap.

                                      Prototype Carrier   notice the vickers machine gun

its like a early Carden-Loyds left hand drive back rests are folder down War office number VAD50
was given to it and then it was delivered to the Mechanisation Experimental Establishment (MEE) 1935
which has been mention in my earlier Blogs which was at Farnborough.
it was limited to two man at the front and two benches running lengthways a very simple design which also included the engine was central which was a standard Ford V8 and a four speed gearbox and a reverse Gearbox.

                                                        1941 Machine Carrier

I love the clip above its speed is 30mph 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Universal Carrier Part 1

Part 1

  I haven't Blogged lately as I have been working on my latest model, a 1.35 scale Universal Carrier. as said in my earlier blogs I emailed Bovington as to what the was the first armoured vehicles used in world war 2.
It was the Universal Carrier and the Matilda Tank.

                                                                 A Tamiya Kit

I am a big lover of Tamiya kits as you can tell. I always manage to get good deals on Ebay for the kits

The pictures above are at various  stages of me putting the kit together the finished kit is pictured below

yes I will be painting this myself but I think I'll ask the Angry Lurker if he would paint the figures for me but will post the finished painted model on here.

The Universal Carrier is very peculiarly British it was copied though by the Australian New Zealand
and the Canadian Armies. it saw service all over the world during WW2  it is regarded with affection by everyone that used her. everyone called her a Bren Gun Carrier which is incorrect. the idea of a Tracked carrier wasn't new, a very simply  version was made near the end of WW1 but it origins can be traced back to a Ford T-powered Carden-Loyd machines of the mid-twenties the company was taken over by Vickers-Armstrong's in 1928.


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert Part 6

Part 6

                                            Matilda Tank Suspension 

this was on the first production tanks later the carrying wheels was replaced by skid rails which were easier to produce.

                                                            Matilda Proto-Type 

The picture above is a early proto-type  as you can see the Tank is very bare,behind the turrett at the rear of the tank the is measureing equipment also the mud chutes have been attached and you can see they worked well going by the stains on the side.

the must important note of the later designs was the armour protection which was impressive for the time.
The Hull front was a massive 78mm the thinnest plates was 20mm which made the tank able to withstand any form of anti-tank or most othe forms of artillery

                                                             Matilda the Queen

I just think there is something special  about this tank.

My next model I am making is an British universal carrier MkII picture below.

The reason I have done Matilda and now the Universal carrier is that it was the first armour vehicles that the British used in WW2


Monday, 24 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert Part 5

Part 5

The first idea for a larger tank was back in September 1936 three months of haggling over designs led to the
problem of a suitable engine and a search for a contractor which was The Vulcan Foundry in Cheshire.
In 1937 two co-axial  machine guns was in the first design but a 2 Pounder Anti-Tank gun and a Vickers
machine Gun.

                                                          British 2 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

At the early stages of WW2 this was the most powerful Anti-Tank Gun and was the reason it was wanted on an Infantry Tank. The next problem was to find an powerful engine suitable enough, to solve the problem
of power two engines adopted same idea that the whippet used in WW1

                                                             WW1 Whippet Tank

The Chosen engine was from a London Bus a AEC straight six-Cylinder water cooled.
Two engines was placed side by side in the back half of the Tank 

                                                    AEC Straight Six-Cylinder Engine                                         

Having twin engine also double maintenance time the only thing better about having twins was if a engine failed they  could limp the tank home.

                                                           Matilda engine

The Suspension used was known as the Japanese type first designed by Vickers-Armstrongs for a medium c tank sold to the Japanese in it got known as Japanese style.

                                                               Matilda Suspension


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Matilda Queen of the Desert Part 4

Part 4

     This part I will deal with my model I manage to get hold of a Tamiya 1.35 scale Matilda. I got a good deal on Ebay  £12 so was well happy with that deal. I am a big fan of Tamiya kits my Tiger 1 was a Tamiya kit as well

A few pics of the modeling process

After I had put the kit together I transported it down to the Angry Lurkers man Cave ready to have a go at
painting it.
I primed it with a base coat then painted it with Desert yellow which I allowed to dry.
I had been reading in a model magazine about Tamiya weathering packs which have 3 different weathering paints in each pack Mud sand soot etc got them cheap on amazon and Ebay.

Fran dry brushed the model and then applied some weathering paints, to me it looks fab once I got the Tank back home I added the decals looks even better now.

  Here are a few pictures of the Tank completed